Miro is an open-source, non-profit video player that plays nearly every file you can download, includes torrent support, and has built-in video conversion software.









Miro Specs

  • Version: 6.0
  • File Size: 45.8 MB
  • Price: FREE
  • Operating Systems: Windows NT/XP/Vista/7


Commonly referred to as “iTunes for Android” this player organizes and plays your audio and video files, podcasts, and more, all while synching smoothly to Android phones.


Miro has been wowing users in recent years with a few more advanced features and a lot of increased stability from earlier versions. Some of the features that really set Miro apart from other media players and managers is the ability to automatically synch with existing libraries on your computer, both iTunes and Windows Media Player. You can synch across all the computers on your network, which makes it ideal for workplace sharing of media libraries. The video conversion capabilities in Miro are among the best of almost any media player, and the ability to download torrents or download videos directly from YouTube with one click makes this one of the best connected media players.


When stacked up against most other available media players, the video player aspect of this doesn’t offer quite as much in advanced controls. However, given the video conversion capabilities and the ability to play a variety of different video files makes that shortcoming almost a non-issue. If you are planning on using Miro as a replacement for iTunes, it does bear mention that synching an iPhone with Miro isn’t always the smoothest process. However, Android-loyal users will be amazed at the simplicity of synching to all their devices.

The Verdict:

Its torrent support and video conversion capabilities really set it apart, making it valuable to any user. However, if you are an iPhone, iPod, iPad user, Miro doesn’t really have that much to offer beyond that. But if you are an android user, or have a Kindle Fire, or any other Android product, Miro might very well become your new best friend.


Pros: ability to automatically synch with existing libraries on your computer

Cons: doesn’t offer quite as much in advanced controls