How To Listen To Free Music

In this era of free streaming music, there are literally countless ways to discover and listen to free music. With embedded music in websites, streaming services, music-only platforms, and music discovery sites and apps, free music is available to listen with a click of a mouse. While this will be far from a comprehensive list, we wanted to make you aware of some of the major outlets for free music.

  • YouTube: A 2012 study found that more teens listen to music and discover new music on YouTube than on broadcast radio. Given that there is usually an album stream, a lyric video, and multiple live videos for most popular songs, it should come as no surprise that people the world over are using YouTube to listen to their favorite songs. Additionally, with playlist functionality, people can organize seamless play song after song – no clicking or searching needed.
  • Spotify/Pandora: Not exactly “internet radio” in the traditional sense, these services provide endless recommendations based around songs or artists. Spotify’s deep catalog has propelled it to one of the most popular music apps, as there are hardly any songs that aren’t in there.
  • Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Hypem: These sites are all based around music creators and re-mixers uploading their own material for the world to hear. While many signed bands and labels maintain Bandcamp sites where the music can be streamed or purchased, it is still much more common amongst lesser known bands, but is a great resource for free music. Soundcloud and Hypem are much more centered around remixes of popular songs, and everything on both those sites have free unlimited streaming.
  • iTunes/Songbird: Surprisingly, not many people take advantage of their media player’s ability to recommend new music based on music they already have. iTunes and Songbird both have strong recommendation engines that are designed to provide you free access to new music that you will love, and each service learns to better cater their recommendations to you the more you listen.