How To Make A Playlist

In the digital age, everyone’s got all their music digitized, and it’s becoming less and less common for people to listen to entire albums from start-to-finish. Rather, we listen by mood: you’ve got music to get you psyched up for a night out, you have music to power you through that last twenty minutes of your workout, and you have music to set the tone for the perfect romantic evening.

In order to make sure your music is grouped perfectly, and everything is in the right order, you want to make playlists. As romantic comedies keep reminding us, there is a great and precise art to making a perfect playlist, and we’d love to get into that, but that is another tutorial for another day. Rest assured that you’ll get the hang of crafting a perfect playlist in your own, or by watching John Cusack movies.

For the more practical side of things, you’ll want to know how to make your own playlists, and for that we recommend Songbird. Much like iTunes, Songbird allows users to not only organize their music library, but it also provides a number of ways to discover new music. Additionally, the info-finding engine on Songbird is second-to-none, so if you want to make genre-based playlists that actually make sense beyond calling almost everything “rock”, Songbird can help you.

To create a playlist using Songbird, simply click on File > New Playlist from the controls bar at the top of the screen, and you will see the new playlist in the lefthand menu waiting to be named. Type whatever you want the title to be, like “Slowjamz” or “5k Power Run Mix” and then go back to your music library and simply drag and drop songs into the playlist, setting the order you want for the individual tracks. Then you can enjoy the playlist on your computer, or export it onto your phone or mp3 player to enjoy on the go!