How To Use Amazon Streaming

Some of us are impulsive, some of us want to take our favorite videos with us everywhere we go, and some of us are trying to finally be rid of our cable subscription forever. Whatever the reason you’ve found to try out Amazon’s streaming media service, it is simple as can be to get the media you want right now.

Amazon’s streaming service works much like iTunes or any other streaming media service, you simply search on amazon for whatever show you want, including episodes that just recently aired, and for a nominal fee, you can automatically watch it from your computer, gaming console, phone, or tablet. Just beware: there is a difference in renting and owning episodes, so make sure you make the right choice or else you’ll pay a few extra bucks to own a single episode of your favorite show forever.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Amazon Prime Instant Video in this section as well. In most ways it is very similar to the standard Amazon Streaming service, however, with your paid annual subscription to Amazon Prime, you also gain access to their Amazon-exclusive programming as well as a broader selection of free streaming movies and programming.

Not to be forgotten, Amazon also has its own music streaming and download service as well. Just like iTunes, you can preview tracks before downloading them in their entirety, and for Amazon Prime members, there is a wide selection of free-to-stream music and playlists to suit your every mood.