Why Change Media Players?

For many users, the thought of changing media players never comes up. For Windows users, either you use Windows Media Player because that’s what comes installed on your computer or you use iTunes because that’s what basically everybody else uses. Most of us make that decision when setting up a new computer, and never think about it again. Through interface changes, missing codecs, slow performance, and any number of other frustrations, we tend to stick to whatever we use because “that’s what I use” without questioning.

What most people ignore, forget, or don’t realize is that there are a number of free media player options that can be downloaded, most of which can be customized to whatever you need them to be. In most cases they can either replace your current media player or work alongside it to perform a specific task.

While it would be impossible to cover every single reason someone would want to switch their media player, we have provided resources to highlight what a media player does, why some people might be interested in downloading and installing a new media player, and some key features people look for in a new media player. Additionally for each section, we have offered our recommendations about what we believe is the best program to address your needs.